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They Came First...

A psychedelic lucid dream horror synthscape… where you’re an egg.

They Came First is an experimental horror game capturing creative use of camera angles, lighting, and glitch effects that, with the use of a heavily synth based sound design, attempts to create an altogether nightmarish machine-scape.

Inspired by the winning concept developed in the 2019 css gamejam – this game is a test bed for the bizarre machinations of a mind in lockdown.

A game by Jordan Taylor.

Original soundtrack by Jack Connor.

Created for the 2020 Scream Machine gamejam.

Install instructions

Just download, unzip, and run the exe.

The filesize is quite large because the game makes use of uncompressed audio for the maximum gameplay experience.


They Came First Game.zip 447 MB


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it seems cool buıt there is one bug that i detected recently, when the egg walk down the road it sees a hole in the ground but if you try to jump from ground its okey however when egg does that from moving platform any control buttons are useless please fix it i am very impresed kekem

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This was surreal and dream-like and I'm never going to feel as satisfied as an egg throwing itself onto a patch of green grass. Never. Your way of storytelling throughout the level, and the musician's grasp on pacing and how the player views enemy encounters really made this game whole. I felt so...watched. I appreciate being able to jump to levels when the game wouldn't cooperate. Other stutters aside, this was a beautiful game and I will be sending it to people who wonder whether the chicken or the egg came first. Good luck with your future content (:

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Lin Ji.


The titles a sex joke isn't it



so... is it pronounced "leaver" or "Lev-er"?


I found the game interesting, but ran into crashes and stutters. Otherwise, nice game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont


Thanks for checking out the game! Unfortunately, since I based the game on some very experimental camera technologies I've been working on, it seems to be very prone to crashing on some setups. 

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I always love hearing games with OSTs, will you release it for other devs?? The sound design makes this game especially since I'm a synthwhore


It's hard to control the egg  but I guess it's easier if tank controls are something you've used before. THAT. CAMERA. THOUGH


Just sayin you probably should have told the player they can sprint with shift took me a while to figure out lol.

SUPER cool camerawork though